Boulder Opal is an absolutely magnificent gemstone. Arguably the rarest of all Opal gems Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource (which means it is genuinely running out). Each Opal is unique, each gemstone is hand-carved from 'veins' of Opal colour that ebb and flow through the heart of the ironstone. Boulder Opal pendants are designed around the incredible beauty that occurs within the free-flowing surface of the Opal with the Gemstones natural 'Ironstone' often appearing on the surface (which adds character and individuality)

Boulder Opal Pendants are an absolutely unique gift. Individual, creative, expressive they reflect the absolute miracle that is natural Opal Formation

A History of Opal

Technical Specifications

Genuine Natural Australian Boulder Opal consists of a hydrated amorphous form of concretions of SiO2·nH2O silica consisting of spheres of silicon dioxide molecules arranged in regular, closely packed planes filling the cracks and crevices of Boulder Opal ironstone found remotely in Queensland Australia.  Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource with anecdotal evidence suggesting increases in value of up to 15% per annum. Guaranteed free of dyes and artificial colour.

With one of the most environmentally friendly mining methods on earth Boulder Opal is a truly sustainable gemstone and, as a correspondingly diminishing resource a sound investment!

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Excellent products and nice staff! Also they gave me a couple of extra things when I bought an opal earrings!

I was looking for an opal for my wife during our five-day stay in Sydney, without success. Either the mountings were not right or the price was not right. I stopped in here and they showed me an incredible range of loose stones. I found my stone, which will become a ring and my wife was pleased. What better?

Was great to walk into a place where you can buy or repair your pearl jewelry without the long waits or them having to send your jewelry away or try to source parts. Perfect stop for beautiful pearls, with friendly and professional staff and experts in the field.

We visited to choose a ring for a family member. The service was friendly and kind. We purchased just what we'd been looking for in an opal ring. Thank you.

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