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De Perlas Pearl

Fine South Sea Pearls have been revered throughout the centuries. Kings and nobles throughout the ages have sought the “Queen of gems” searching the most dangerous oceans and conditions to discover her greatest treasure, the finest of prizes, the perfect South Sea Pearl.

Marco Polo on his voyages through the South Seas in 1291 AD wrote:

“The men dive into the water, when they reach the seabed they find a tyle of shellfish called sea oysters, and they bring them to the surface in little net bags tied to their bodies. In these Oysters are found pearls, both big and small and of every variety. The king wears around his neck a thin silk cord than hangs down his chest and on this cord are strung very large and immensely valuable fine pearls”. 

De Perlas Australis are South Sea Pearls produced from the majestic Gigas Clam Species

The giant clam (Tridacna gigas), known as pā’ua in Cook Islands Māori, is a clam that is the largest living bivalve mollusk in existance. One of a number of large clam species native to the shallow coral reefs of the South Pacific oceans, they can weigh more than 200 kilograms (440 lb), measure as much as 120 cm (47 in) across, and have an average lifespan in the wild of over 100 years. Tridacna gigas is a magnificent creature and at the end of it’s lifespan the gigantic Shell is harvested and this pure pearl material (Calcium Carbonate) is machine cut into perfectly sized and shaped South Sea pearls! This raw material forms the base of the De Perlas Pearl…a sea shell, or a “mother of pearl” nucleus, which is exactly the same nucleus as used in the creation of Australian South Sea Pearls.  This nucleus is the same material that is used in the farming and manufacture of expensive South Sea Pearls. This nucleus adds weight, value and durability to the pearl allowing South Sea pearl farmers to produce large pearls in a relatively short period of time. The only difference with a De Perlas South Sea pearl is that the nucleus is carefully coated and polished to achieve a near perfect shape. The pearl is a result of a long process of shaping and coating, and intensive quality control inspection.

The end result is a near perfect pearl effect showing brilliant lustre, shape and colour at a fraction of the price of a harvested South Sea Pearl.  

The De Perlas pearl will always keep its shine and color, and will not be affected by sweat, Perfume or detergents. Don’t store together with harder gemstones. Polish them with a soft cloth periodically. Re-string them if the silk looks dirty or starts to loosen. Restring on a silk cord, knotting between each pearl.

Technical Specifications

Natural genuine calcium carbonate CaC03 cut from the shell of the giant south sea clam Tridacna Gigas the largest clam in existence. The shell is cut to form the central bead and is then coated with a crushed Pearl layer to form a lustrous finish. Guaranteed to be free of plastics or synthetic materials.

Australian Pearl Divers are world famous for producing Pearls for over 1,000,000 customers in 32 nations over more than 60 years and having provided Jewellery to the Royal family  

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