Diamond is one of the most unique of all gemstones and has many interesting properties. Diamonds have the highest melting point of all known substances and highest refractive index of all minerals. The gemstone also has an extreme ability in dispersing light and can do so in a variety of colours. Diamonds are quite commonly found and deposits are distributed globally, some countries include the US, Russia, Australia and South Africa.  The gemstone is thought to help absorb and amplify the thoughts of the user and in ancient times were believed to protect from poison.  The diamond is one of the most common piece of jewellery and is used in industrial for many purposes including as  a saws and an abrasives. The gemstones is incredibly durable has a maximum Mohs score of 10/10, the only material strong enough to split a diamond in 2 pieces is another diamond. However like most other jewellery care must be taken to avoid scratching during wear. 


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