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Doublet Earrings

Australian Doublet Opal Earrings are quite possibly the best way to purchase the top Gem Black Opal “colour-and-pattern” without spending a fortune! Because an Opal Doublet is a thin layer of the genuine Natural Opal you only spend a fraction of the price of exactly the same material in the solid Opal (sometimes up to 10 times more expensive for the same thing!!!)

A Doublet is a Natural Australian Crystal Opal that has been hand cut from rough Opal in the Australian Opal Cutters Sydney workshop. Once the Crystal Opal has been cut it is added to a piece of Black Opal or Boulder Opal “potch” (Black Opal or Boulder Opal Ironstone without any colour). The dark deep base tone of the Boulder or Black Opal acts like a “thundercloud behind a rainbow” increasing the refractive index and allowing the colours to “fire up”.  

This is the perfect gift as it an Opal an investment and the only gemstone where you can "hold a rainbow in your hand" literally! Placing a backing on a piece of Crystal Opal allows us to set Opals that would often be too fragile to allow setting. Remember that Opal often forms in microscopic fissures inside the cracks and crevices of the silica rich soil.

These Doublet Opals are hand-cut and assembled from the "rough" material by industry experts who know how to find the colour and carefully add the Opal "potch" (Opal without colour). This is an age-old tradition and is a cutting process that has not changed in 100 years. The technology behind the gluing has however changed dramatically. With modern epoxy (silica) based bonding agents our Doublets are now guaranteed for life against delamination. In the 1960’s with inferior gluing a Doublet could risk the layers separating after prolonged exposure to water. Not today! Modern silica based glues have the same coefficient of expansion as the silica in the Opal and in the Opal “potch” base. This means that when the Opal is warmed and cooled the layers all expand and contract (on a molecular level) at the same rate. This means that they will not work apart over time and are guaranteed for life!

Each Opal Doublet you will see on this site is completely natural and had not been treated or enhanced in any way, shape or form (unless specifically noted in the description).

Opal is Australia's National Gemstone and is the only gem in the world where you can hold a rainbow in your hand (literally)

Click Here: Hold a Rainbow

Rainbow colour appear in may places and materials. Through faceting a diamond we are able to split light into the colours of the spectrum. Through different checmicals, or treatments we can make certain gems show rainbow colours...but did you know that there is only one place on earth where rainbows actually form and can be held? This is in Opal.

Opal Doublets are absolutely unique as tiny microscopic water molecules actually bond and merge with silica to form a gemstone (Opal) this process is so mysterious that scientists still cannot tell us why it happens. The result is that microscopic rainbows actually form inside the gem. They are "trapped" or held there in suspension, and will not evaporate (like a rainbow in the sky does).

This is a "miracle from the ground" so now you can "Hold a Rainbow"!

Technical Specifications

Genuine Natural Australian Gem Doublet Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica SiO2·nH2O consisting of spheres of silicon dioxide molecules arranged in regular, closely packed planes backed by Boulder Opal ironstone (found in remote areas in Queensland Australia). Guaranteed free of dyes and artificial colour.

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