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Pure Pearl Earrings

An Introduction to Australian Pearl Divers

All Pearls today are 'cultured'. The culturing process started in the 1920's and has made Pearl affordable worldwide. Prior to this Pearls have been the exclusive domain of royalty and throughout recorded history only the wealthiest have been able to afford them!

Today, thanks to the Pearl culturing industry Pearls are very affordable and "Pure Pearls" often present absolutely perfect lustre, shape and colour in a very affordable price range. 

A "Pure Pearl" ring is exactly that; a "solid" Pearl, "Pure" as there are no internal beads, seeds, granite or plastic internal elements. This is a wonderful development in the Pearl culturing industry and has come about as a result of using mantle tissue to start the nacreation process. All alternate culturing processes require the insertion of Pearl beads as "seeds" these beads can actually be quite large leaving a very minimal layer of nacre on the final Pearl. "Pure" Pearls are the opposite as they are 100% Pearl and very affordable.

 How to Care for Pearls

Technical Specifications

Genuine natural cultured Pearl. An organic gem produced as calcareous concretions within the soft tissue (specifically the mantle) of a living shelled mollusk or conulariid. Composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) mainly aragonite or a mixture of aragonite and conchiolin calcite “nacre” in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers. Nacreous and iridescent and guaranteed to be free of plastics, synthetic materials, dyes or artificial colours.

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Nice spot in the centre. I appreciate friendly stuff there. You can receive a free gift and also buy nice pearl or opal jewels and solid rocks. Its really interesting to see how people can find opals. I love this place.

It was a perfect place if your looking for a variety of opal. The place was nice, clean, accessible and very near at the city center . The sales person name Mr. Mo was very accommodating. He will teach you how to pick the best opal that fits your budget.

I already had a knowledge of Australian opals, having done some lapidary. I had been to several Sydney jewelers to see what was available and the prices. Australian Opal Cutters and Pearl Divers is the first and last place you need to go. They give a clear and correct explanation of opals and their value. Knowledge you must have before you buy. The same education is available for pearls. It is free education and obligation free. However, you will find their extensive range of good-value-for money jewelry very tempting. They honoured the pamphlet I had from a Sydney hotel, and gave me a set of pearl studs for free. (Worth At least $10 in the markets and $30 in the shops.) You do need to look for the entrance then go up the elevator. There is a high security door and camera. Knock loud and jump around in front of the camera and keep trying, to get access. We went on a Saturday morning.The opal cutting demonstration is only done on weekdays.

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