Topaz is an extremely rare mineral and gemstone found only in in exotic locations such as Brazil and Texas. The formation of Topaz relies on areas with very high fluorine gases concentration which limits the geological environments it can take form. Topaz is considered to represent, strength, wisdom and courage whilst dispelling sadness and anger. The gemstone commonly appears in gold and yellow, however on rare occasions it has taken colours such as blue, pink or orange. It is one of few gemstones with pleochroic qualities which means that its colours vary according to the degree and angle of light facing the gemstone. Topaz can be presented as a ring, pendant or kept as an ornament. As a gift, Topaz is great for birthdays, because it is a birthstone for both November and for December.  It is also the gemstone for the 4th and 23rd wedding anniversary. As a gemstone, it is well known for its durability and for the length of its wearable life. 

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