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White Opals

Natural White Australian Opals that have been hand cut from rough Opal in the Australian Opal Cutters Sydney workshop. This is the perfect gift as it an Opal an investment and the only gemstone where you can "hold a rainbow in your hand" literally! 

"Loose" Opals or "un-set" Opals are Opals that have not yet been set into a piece of Jewellery. These Opals are hand-cut from the "rough" material by industry experts who know how to find the colour and carefully remove the Opal "potch" (Opal without colour). This is an age-old tradition and is a cutting process that has not changed in 100 years.

Each Opal you will see on this site is completely natural and had not been treated or enhanced in any way, shape or form (unless specifically noted in the description).

Opal is Australia's National Gemstone and is the only gem in the world where you can hold a rainbow in your hand (literally)

Click Here: Hold a Rainbow

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